Surface Clinical Announces New Product Line, Alastin Skincare

How does the Surface Clinical Staff decide on what products to recommend?

New products come on the market with great fanfare in popular magazines. So, which hype should you believe, what products actually live up to the descriptions they boast?

When Surface Clinical evaluates products, we first group products into functional categories matching the biological mechanisms of skin care.

Then, we look at the scientific data to see if there is sufficient evidence that the product(s) has some biologic potential. If the laboratory studies look like the product will be successful, we will conduct small internal clinical trials with our staff and a few willing patients. After that, if the product appears to generate a noticeable clinical benefit, then we consider stocking it on our shelves.

But, this may also mean that a product you have been using regularly is replaced by a better one for the same purpose.

Quite a process!

The goal of Surface Clinical skin care is to continually provide the very best products available by constantly evaluating our current product offerings, and testing new ones.


Announcing a new product line, ALASTIN Skincare

ALASTIN Skincare is an intriguing new product line from a company formed by the scientists that developed the Skin Medical skin care products under the direction of renowned dermatologic, Richard Fitzpatrick MD.

Alastin products specialize in increasing the skin’s receptivity to treatment application, as well as enhancing the healing process in order to optimize the overall treatment result. The products target and combat signs of aging and improve overall skin health with daily use.

Products featuring TriHex technology contain a patent-pending combination of peptides and ingredients designed to penetrate the skin and stimulate, strengthen and support the skin’s regenerative process.

Surface Clinical’s initial evaluation of the products revealed encouraging and consistent improvements in skin appearance, as a result we will be trying out several of the best Alastin products to watch clinical benefit.

The following Alastin products are available at Surface Clinical:

– Regenerating Skin Nectar

– Restorative Skin Complex with TriHex Technology

– Restorative Eye Treatment with TriHex Technology

– Renewal Retinol

– HydraTint Pro Mineral Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

– Gentle Cleanser


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