Non-invasive fat removal versus liposuction

January 27, 2017

With all the different types of surgical and non-surgical fat removal and fat reduction treatments available today, you may be wondering what’s the difference and which one is best for me? Board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Fritz E. Barton, Jr., MD who oversees and manages Surface Clinical, breaks down the different options: Non-Invasive Fat Removal There are three basic mechanisms of non-invasive fat removal: heat, mechanical, and cold disruption. At Surface Clinical, we have evaluated all these technologies. Heat is usually delivered either by ultrasound (LiposonixTM), or radiofrequency (VanquishTM). These methods can be both painful and inconsistent. Laser heat disruption of fat, aka Smart LipoTM, is not truly non-invasive, which means some downtime post-procedure is required. Mechanical fat disruption can….


How does CoolSculpt work?

CoolSculptTM is the non-invasive, FDA-approved procedure that freezes, kills and eliminates fat cells from the body. CoolSculpt has received generous news and media attention since its inception because of the procedure’s effectiveness, minimal downtime and patient satisfaction. CoolSculpt works by attaching a cooling applicator to regional areas of the body and applying controlled freezing. More than one area is likely to need treating to achieve a balanced, circumferential result. But, the number of areas needed could also depend upon your fat distribution. The applicator contacts the skin and cools the fat beneath the surface. A treatment area usually takes 30-45 minutes and with Surface’s newest applicator discomfort is minimal to none. One treatment usually removes about 3.5 mm or 1/8….


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